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Hero Dreams.theleagueofheroes

About me

Will be hitting the Con this Labor Day of 2012 BIG TIME. Vidz, pics, vidz, pics, more, more, more. Lots of SCF for sure.
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Nov 20 (Scorpio)
About me:
I'm not a professional photographer but... I play one on TV. No, wait - "But I stayed at a Marriott Marquis last night." I am a professional pixel pusher. This is all I do... and all I ever want to do. LOVE DragonCon. SCF floats my boat. An awesome credit to cosplay, especially with the Superhero Shoots they help organize each year.
Upstate SC
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Superheroes get my v
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Have 'em
Photography. Motorcycling. Other things but that's for another day.
The "About Me" and "Activities" covers most of it. Also, syfy is cool. My photographic interests are pretty wide but the primary things are - cosplay/fantasy/roll-playing, classic movies and films that have remarkable cinematography (great primers for translating to the real world shoots), vehicles - planes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles, etc. - if it moves I want to shoot it, architecture, atmosphere (clouds, sunrises and sets, etc.), fall and winter landscapes, and historical things. Motorcycling. Been at it for three decades.
Favorite Music:
A pretty good range. A few marks to illustrate - classic rap (RunDMC, LL Cool J), classic (Canon in D), movie soundtracks (pretty much any era), techno funk (The Art of Noise), easy listening/ballads (John Denver).
Favorite Quotes:
"Fair's got nothing to do with it" - the original quote (Peter O'Toole - Lawrence of Arabia). Of course, a nod to the Clintster in "Unforgiven" with the twist of "deserve" instead of fair.

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